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The World of Boxing

I explored in this essay the exciting but dangerous world of boxing. While boxing generates interest and excitement to boxing aficionados, it also pose risks in the life of a boxer. Read more of this in this essay.

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The World of Boxing Boxing, one of the world’s most famous and yet most dangerous physical sports, has caught the attention of the world for the past years ...

... such effort; there is no gain without pain as they say but with the big risk present, I don’t think getting that fortune is worth it.
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Benjamin I.

Boxing, nowadays, as what most sportswriter would say, is a dying sport. But I beg to disagree. On the contrary, it is in its renaissance. The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will bring back boxing its glamour and prestige. As to whether it is a risky sport. It is indeed as most contact sports are. Hence, it is not for the fainting heart.

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