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Programs promoting health that are conducted in schools contribute to healthy behaviors among the students as well as to improvement of their academic progress. The health promoting schools (HPS) initiative concentrates on the whole school’s approach and involves the community in the planning process and activities.

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HEALTHY NUTRITION Abstract Many countries have signed on a document stating their intentions in implementing the HPS initiative. Decision on the intervention will be based on assessment and intervention which will include policy change, teacher training, environmental change and community involvement. It will be evaluated trough questionnaires filled by principals, teachers and students in both intervention and school control. 2. Literature Review 2.1 Introduction Healthy nutrition and adequate regular physical activity throughout one’s life span are the main factors in promoting and maintaining good health [1]. Adolescents are the future population and thus their health and well being is vital to society. Adolescent is defined as persons aged 10-19 years old by World Health Program (WHO). [2] It is a ...

... physical activity on need assessment.
o Developing research tool for identifying teachers and student who are PD in health promotion.
o Making recommendations for decision makers in Palestinian Authority for implementation a policy for promoting healthy eating and physical activity in all schools based on the finding of the intervention program.
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