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Perspectives on Fraternities and Sororities

One significant issue affecting the academic community is the proliferation of different fraternal societies. Inevitably, the activities of these organizations affect the well-being the academic organization. The different perspectives on fraternal societies are discussed in this essay

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Perspectives on Fraternities and Sororities Introduction Throughout life, it is natural and normal for people to bond together. Men and women form circles of friendship in school and in society when they find that they have common interests, similar backgrounds, personal habits, social tastes, and levels of intelligence. It was this basic human need for companionship that created fraternities and sororities. What are fraternities and sororities? The term “fraternity” and “sorority” came from the Latin words, “frater” and “soror”, meaning “brother” and “sister”. They are most commonly known as social organization for undergraduate students at colleges and universities. There are also analogous, but less common organizations ...

... the government to craft policies and laws that will regulate the organization of fraternities and sororities. While it is true that the Constitution recognizes the right of the people to join organizations, such right takes no precedence to the more supreme right of the people to be safe from all forms of violence involving fraternity’s activities within and without the campus.
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