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Technical writing: A proposal to a Better Human Race

It is important for an individual to have possession of him/herself. In doing this one has to remember that he or she is a sovereign and has exceptional personality, and thus make the most appropriate decision of owning oneself in spirit, body and wits

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Preview of the essay: Technical writing: A proposal to a Better Human Race

Technical writing: A proposal to a Better Human Race There are a lot of things that look beautiful in the human race, yet still there are several tribulations. I deeply feel that the humanity can be made better. Many of us would really like to make efforts to develop a better world; but this may seem to be a devastating as it is not easy to ...

... features into practice. By doing all the above, you will be assured of improving your own life and in turn making greater contributions in order to develop a better human race.
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Well-organized. This is a well-recommended reading for everybody. Concise but precise.

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