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Islamic World

The origin of Jihads can well be traced back to the Arabs reform movements of the late 19th and 20th centuries. The population of these people was basically poor and education and scientific achievements were also few . Some of the prominent reformers argued that the decline on Muslims’ was contributed to by estrangements from the roots of their religion. After the above blame it was clear that the source of cultural vitality and confidence was lost.

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Islamic World Introduction By the moment Cold War came to an end, it led to new thinking concerning the forces that help shape the global relations. One of the forces that received greater attention includes religion. Religion has therefore played a significant role in building and organizing most of the international affairs; it is only in the past few years that there has been the rush for academic knowledge ...

... military and the government as well. The above mentioned changes led to the role Islam to be reassessed in Indonesia. Islam has emerged as a significant force in post-Suharto context of Indonesian politics. Islam is likely to be major force in the politics of Indonesia for the anticipated future .
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