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International Project Finance

The essay describes international project finance into deep.

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Anteprima della tesi: International Project Finance

International Project Finance Introduction Project finance can be termed as a “technique of funding in which the lender basically looks at the revenue generated through a single project; this is usually done both as a source of repayment and as a protection the exposure[1]. This type of financing is usually in most cases very multifaceted as it may involve expensive installation, telecommunications infrastructure, environment, mines, chemical processing plants, power plant, and transportation infrastructure. International project finance may exist in form of a construction of a new capital installation or even take the form of financing already existing installation, with or without involving the processes of innovation. In such transactions, the lender is always paid exclusively out of the money generated by means of contracts, for the facility output such as construction of a hydroelectric power station by a given company[2]. In the above case the borrower is usually termed as a Special Purpose Entity (SPE)[3]. The borrower is not allowed to perform any kind of action apart from owning, developing, and operating the installation. In this kind of situation, the ...

... necessary for feasibility of private power development. Finally, the role of country (R) in this case as being the host country in the region and internationally must be understood. This is because the relative and the weakness or strengths of its roles might cause diverse effect on its ability to receive or access funds.
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