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Depression in Women

Depression is a serious problem that can tremendously affect individual’s life if not minimized or even treated. Depression can affect an individual socially, family relationship, loss of self-worth, and career as well. In case a person is feeling so low, tired, sad, it might be evident that one is suffering from depression. But the good news is that this problem can be treated, and the more a person understands the problem of depression as well as its impacts on women, that is when one is able to tackle the problem head on.

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Depression in Women Introduction Gloominess or stress may present itself in various forms, particularly in connection or in relation to genders. Basically, not only women are affected by stress but also male counterparts may as well go through depression, but the causes of stress in women and even the patterns of symptoms are usually distinguished. There are various factors that lead to women getting depressed, running from reproductive hormones to the social pressure and finally the female response to depression. Getting knowledge ...

... order to avoid complications. Depression affects both women and men but at different levels but it significant to note that women experience stress related complications more often.
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