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Philosophy of Jesus

There are various examples of parables of synoptic gospel, but it is important to note that they all talk about Jesus and the kingdom of god. They convey some characteristic of proclamation by Jesus. The parables are recorded in synoptic gospel of Luke, Mark, and Matthew. There are several parables that are common in the synoptic gospel, which includes: the parable of the Sower (Luke 8: 4-15, Matt 13:3-23, Mark 4: 2-20). Mathew relates ten parables that talks about the kingdom of heaven, seven of which transpire in the 13th chapter and are generally basic to his gospel. Some of the examples that are unique to each gospel include the weeds among the wheat found in (Matt 13: 24-30); Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16: 19-31); parable of the Good Samaritan found in (Luke 10: 25-37); the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) and lastly the Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18:9-14) among others.

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Philosophy of Jesus Introduction Parables were very important in passing messages and teachings of Jesus used parables which were an eastern literary genre. Jesus in most of his teachings or in the process of preaching or sending through the gospel to his disciples and general public he preferred using parables. He did this so strikingly in order not to develop new literary genre but instead he brilliantly used parables, genre which had already been in use for a long period now in the tradition ...

... Jesus meant in applying it to our daily lives. Synoptic parables have also been discussed and showed that generally people have to develop the precise meaning entailed in these parables as they help us understand what is required of us.
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