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The Peasant’s War: The German Peasant Revolt of 1525

Luther was against the revolts and condemned it calling for the authorities to crush the rebellion with no mercy. Only a few preachers such as Thomas Muntzer gave hope to the rebellion. Some of the peasants were also not of his idea of rejecting the Catholic practices of sacraments, the institution of monasteries and celibacy.

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Running Head: THE PEASANT’S WAR The Peasant’s War: The German Peasant Revolt of 1525 : Kreis (2002) explains that The Peasant’s War is one of the popular events that occurred in Europe in the 16th century. The revolt, popularly known as the German Peasants’ War happened in 1524-1525 consisting of a series of revolts concerning both economy and the religion. Its participation was crosscutting among the nobles, townsfolk s and the peasants. The peak of the conflict was in summer and spring of the year 1525 and ...

... system was against, they had no other way they could fight for their rights. I view their rebellion as justified because in the end, it bore fruits as some measures were put into place to avoid their being heavily taxed.
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