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salary versus job satisfaction

The word ‘career’ has a long term implication and has to be viewed with a long term perspective. Considering this, it becomes absolutely essential that unless a person has complete job satisfaction, the question of a career does not arise. This fact being established, we will have to look at what gives a person this satisfaction? Recognition, a sense of achievement that arises from pride in one’s work and a feeling of fulfillment when you know that your contribution is there for others to see, are the primary causes of job satisfaction. Some people choose a job that offers a higher salary as they believe that this is a recipe for happiness.

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Table of contents

1. Career choice.
2. Money as an important criteria.
3. Job content and the longstanding satisfaction.
4. Conclusion.

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Salary versus job satisfaction in the choice of a career Any question has to be analyzed in depth and with utmost clarity of thought if some sort of acceptable solution is to be ...

... had a Jack Welch or Indra Nooyi amongst us if they had set their sights on salary alone and not looked for job satisfaction in their career
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