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LOVE – An endless search...

I am one of those ardent believers that true love in the family does not spring from material things; real love to kids is an emotional investment that is founded on care, respect, quality time, and open communication. In this brief fictional story, I related a poignant but a meaningful account of a troubled child who unfortunately sought for love but lost.

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LOVE – An endless search...           I belong to a prominent family. My Dad is a well-known business man and my Mom is the Head-nurse in the city. Being their only child, I can get all I want. Cars, ...

... release me from the city jail, they were shocked to what they've seen. They saw my body lying sprightly to the ground, no longer breathing and with my eyes closed.             They repented but everything was too late.  
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Princess R.

I've got some goosebumps reading this story. It made me realize that I should need to reaffirm my love to my parents and siblings always. A beautiful message in embodied in this essay.

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