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Animals on Trial

Medieval Europe is known for its famous animal cases recorded in the annals of legal history.Presented in this essays are the curious cases of animals which were tried in human tribunals.

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Animals on Trial During the Medieval Europe, the legal maxim, “the law excuses no one,” seemed to apply most literally. Animals were commonly charged before the courts of Medieval Europe when they commit acts in violation of the law of the State or the church. It has been documented that in ...

... activists of the present generation may either criticize or commend the judicial system of the Medieval Europe for its treatment of animal rights in trial. But, one thing is sure: animals, at one point of our history, have experienced the human way of justice. Not bad, after all.
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Benjamin I.

Animals on trial? the essay seems intriguing but when I read it, I came to learn that in history, there were really some animals who were put on trial like men in the latter's tribunal. I really wonder how lawyers defended these animals and how they have defended himself in the face of human antagonism.

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