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IWC Watches in Greece

Cultural Analysis - Selling IWC watches in Greece - whether or not the market is viable and what is the target market

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IWC in Greece: A Business Anaylsis Greece is a country based on tradition and steeped in culture. Any business looking to grow and prosper in Greece must respect the culture of the Greek people and offer something of timeless ...

... expected to keep it and are not as respected or trusted if they are late. Greeks are not a very risk-averse culture. They often gamble and will take a risk if the benefits could be great.
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International Business
Benjamin I.

You've got some interesting points! Products which are sold in the market must not only consider what is useful to the people in general, it must likewise take into account what makes them relevant and valuable to the end-users. I expect more great writings from this writer!

Princess R.

High-end Rolex are found in Greece. I remember the Rolex watch bought by my cousin. It was so costly. But the money paid for is worth it.

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