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A Language Bears A Civilization

It might be peculiar, but languages we speak can have effects on us, and especially on civilization. Read to find out how both civilization and language affect each other.

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Table of contents

1. languages affected by patters of life.
2. The sovereignty of Arabs when language was at its height.
3.Arabic achievements in the language.
4.Modern Arabic
5.Influence of modern civilizations on Arabic Language.
6.Current place of the Arabic language.  

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Languages Bear Civilizations A language is heavily influenced by the essence of the civilization, its achievements, mechanism and way of life. On the other hand, the civilization is also influenced by ...

... globe and millions of non-Arabs want to learn it. Also, many non-Arabs have specialized in studying it and it played its role as a major language in the world.
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Humanistic Studies
History and Structure of a Language


Humanistic Studies


Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

There's so much truth in the discussion of this essay. It has been that the language of a nation is the conveyor of its culture and civilization. It is impossible to speak of human civilization without language as its primary social tool...this is nice stuff, brother.

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