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A combination of green energy and international agreements may help to protect the environment.

What do you understand by term of global warming? Can globalization and the increased use of technology help overcome the negative impacts of climate change or are they probable causes of global warming?

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Preview of the essay: A combination of green energy and international agreements may help to protect the environment.

Global warming is described as a recent environmental problem that threatens the whole world. Scientists say that there are obvious indications of global warming, for instance, the increase in temperatures right around the world (Digby 2007, p.1). It is a complex issue, caused by the interrelationship of many contributing factors. Two of these are globalisation and the increased use of technology, both of which have increased at an incredible rate over recent years. Although these two ...

... but we can start global action to reduce the effect of climate change. International agreements bring an opportunity for all nations to unite and take effective action to reduce climate change. The increased use of technology will be beneficial in protecting the environment. Furthermore, globalisation can facilitate the promotion of green energy and energy efficiency. Most believe that if we save our environment, we save the life of our future generations.
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Gisele C.

The international community must focus their attention in climate change. it is here with us...efforts should be made to minimize or possibly to cushion its impact to humanity.

Princess R.

This is a nice write up about the global warming. Kudos to the writer.

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