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Evaluation process

This paper has looked at how the school and the community can work together as indicated by the deliberative case study in South Carolina. It has also looked at how micro politics has been used by a principal to influence his teachers during decision making in a certain suburban campus. While looking at the evaluation process, the paper has discussed several aspects to describe the evaluation process.

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Abstract Evaluation is a very imperative process that enables people to review certain activities or projects while at the same time trying to find ways of improving the same. The case studies on, the politics of the principal: influencing teachers’ school based decision making and practical deliberation in local school districts: a South Carolina experiment are examples of evaluation processes aimed at gaining more insight as well as identifying ways of improving the situation under evaluation. An evaluation process is very indulging and guided ...

... process to consider each participants ideas and contributions. The case study on politics of the principle made use of constant comparative methods which also enabled the evaluation process to view each participant’s contribution in the process.
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