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Mutagenisis Practical

This is a practical write up on the ames test. Several bacterial strains were subjected to serveral different chemicals and the mutagenis of the chemicals then observed

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Table of contents

1. Introduction,
2. Method,
3. Results and Discussion,
4. References

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Molecular genetics – mutagenesis practical Introduction The Ames test, designed by Bruce Ames in the early 1970s, is a test designed to investigate the potential mutagenesis and or carcinogenesis of chemicals. The effects of the chemicals are tested on mutated strains of Salmonella typhimarium. The strain are designed to lack the ability to synthesis histidine (His) through mutations of gene G, losing the ability to synthesis the first enzyme in the histidine biosynthetic pathway. The Ames test, tests the mutagenic properties of chemicals on the strain to back mutate the genes, enabling the gene G to synthesis phosphoribosyltransferase, the first enzyme in the histidine biosynthetic pathway (Meyers, e.t al, 1975), in a growth culture with a limiting amount of histidine. The colonies formed are the colonies of revertants that have gained the ability to synthesis histidine. Thus ...

... 3-monochloropropane-1,3-diol (3-MCPD) and two thirds of the samples containing 1,3-dichloropropane-2-ol (1,3-DCP). (Food standards agency, 2001)

The Ames test shows to be a quick and fairly reliable method for the detection of chemicals that are mutagenic that can lead to cancers. Known chemicals behaved in the manner first thought, producing the most amounts of revertants, proving the chemicals caused a point mutation to enable histidine production for growth. The Ames test does have its draw back with certain chemicals giving a false positive as seen with coffee, but with the addition of liver oxidases in this method I think the results would have been different.
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