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Shangri-La Hotel Case Study

Shangri-La Hotels Case Study and Analysis from Business Policy Senior Level Business Management Class

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Anteprima della tesi: Shangri-La Hotel Case Study

Shangri-La Hotel – Strategic Analysis Introduction Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have emerged as one of the most appreciable brands in the international hotel industry. The Company has garnered its reputation based on its commitment to provide a world class service. Even though the hotel was running successfully during the 1990s it had not evolved any core values or long-term strategic planning. This has led to the implementation of “Shangri-La 2000” strategic plan. Subsequent to the adoption of this strategic initiative there have been a number of changes that have been brought about in the functioning of the hotel. This ...

... difficult to replicate, superior to competition, sustainable and applicable to multiple situations. In order to sustain its growth and profitability Shangri-La should open more budget hotels exclusively for business travelers offering the same level of quality in the service. The Company can offer additional facilities of promotional stays and discount offers based on an alliance with the airline companies, linking the stay in Shangri-La with frequent flying in certain airlines.
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