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Illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants include a vast category of groups of people. They include those who enter the country illegally without any documentation and also others who initially entered the country legally but violated the terms set out in their visas by overstaying in the host country.

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Illegal immigration Illegal immigration can be defined as the movement by people across borders in ways that violate the laws of the country that they are moving to. ...

... the illegal immigration debate continues with both the pro and anti immigration groups and lobbyists coming up with divergent justifications as to how best it should be contained.
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Benjamin I.

Illegal immigration, in the point of view of sound public policy, is against the basic laws of the state. It must be discouraged. I disagree with the author's point of view that " ...there have also been efforts put in place to provide citizenship to illegal immigrants.." Providing citizenship to illegal immigrants can not be justified for their immigration to the target country is wrong at the very start. I expect more discussion in this essay, but I seem to find none. But it is informative though.

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