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Multiple media portrayals and their effect on public policy

As portrayed by the mass media, the subject of health care remains an aspect of great concern to the Americas population. The subject of health care has been discussed in the magazines, newspaper, internet, televisions, and radio stations among others.

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Multiple media portrayals and their effect on public policy Media plays a great role in the publicizing of policies and discussing them conclusively for the proper understanding by the citizens. Law and policies are made by legislators and enforced by various government agencies through out the nation but the effect of the policies and how citizens respond to the legislations greatly depends on how media; both print and electronic media portrays the policies. Media acts as the link between the government and the citizens conveying new policies to citizens through new articles. Under Obama’s presidency health care insurance reforms have been proposed. His administration has shown great determination towards enacting health insurance reforms to enhance medical care security and stability for all Americans. These reforms are however presented differently by various sections of the media. These portrayals ...

... mass media cannot be neglected in the implementation of the health care reforms. The internet, T.V. stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other means of communicating to the majority are equally important. None of them can be considered to be less important. However, researches have found out that a human being understands more if he or she uses more than one common sense. The audio visual means of communication have thus been found to be more effective than written materials. Despite this, written material can be used as reference point thus better compared to the radio and T.V. stations. The internet has been found to be the most effective in this error.
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