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E-Governments Authorities in Europe

The essay discuss on e-government in Europe, its benefits effects to the people such as how people are able to share information, ideas and opinions

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E-Governments Authorities in Europe E-services had been previously considered to be problem identification applications rather than tools to explore the problems through access to various paradigms properly organized in databases. However, e-services and e government perform greater tasks than this. It facilitates the creation of an e-community, a community bound together by information and communication technologies. The members of the community can share information, ideas and opinions. They can also participate in government processes of decision making (Brown, 2002). The implementation of e- government has yielded good results in many countries and municipalities. E- government has facilitated e-administration, e-citizenship, e-democracy and e-services. E-administration This is the use of ICT in combination with organizational developments in processes of public administration. New skills are also employed in order to improve public services and democratic process and strengthen support to public policy. E-citizenship This is the set of practices meant to improve citizen orientation, improving productivity and citizen government relationship by embedding the citizen opinions throughout the public administration processes and agencies other than with hierarchy ...

... municipalities. Arbeitsamt Online (employment office) ( This provides internet job placements. Jobseekers can access information about vacant positions and the qualification required. The employers can also get access to jobseekers’ profiles and find the very best employees. The services are provided by the Labor and Social affairs Federal Ministry. Prato municipality (Italy) With 180, 000 inhabitants, Prato is a city with a medium size located in Tuscany. The authority is very active in installing IT projects and implementing e-administration. The city developed a blueprint to help in implementing and developing sophisticated online services for the citizens. These services include digital signatures, application for jobs and school admission. The city involves other institutions in order to reduce costs. However the uptake of e-governance in the municipality is progressing slowly because of numerous administrative procedure that are required. The tasks are also performed by intermediaries and not the customers since they are numerous. Prato Municipality administration ensures that services are provided properly by employing professional. The best e-service practices in country and municipality include:
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What more can I say? This essay provides us great info about e-governments in general.

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