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Camera Phones

I’m here to express the negative side to camera phones. Camera phones are a fun and occasionally commendable, yet, Camera phones incite bad behavior, there have been cases when people have secretly taken pictures up woman’s skirts and down into bathroom stalls. There are even cases taking place in grocery stores, sidewalks, restaurants and malls. In more severe cases people have been raped, killed, or both. In china a teenage girl was raped by a man who secretly took her picture and threatened to distribute it.

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In 2003, camera phone sales began outstripping those of stand alone digital cameras. In 2004, 68 million digital cameras were sold worldwide compared to 257 million camera ...

... privacy. So what is privacy? Privacy is the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance, privacy is a right not a freedom; everyone should be entitled to it.
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As to whether the use of these camera phones is a boon or a bane depends always n the intention of the users. On one hand, it is useful to use for we can immediately grab a moment---an ongoing crime, an important incident, a significant activity, unguarded moments, etc. On the other hand, it could be used as an instrument of crime, a device to perpetuate fraud, a tool to invade other people's privacy and the like.

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