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The difference between male and famale sex offenders

Theories concerning sexual offending suggest components like control-seeking and dominance, self-enhancing perceptions and cognition's, sexual arousal and even compulsive or addiction-like aspects are involved in the offending process.

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Treatment and Management of Sexual Offenders What are the Main Issues that Distinguish Female Sex Offenders from Male Sex Offenders? What are the Main Issues that Distinguish Female Sex Offenders from Male Sex Offenders? Most definitions of sexually abusive behaviour includes any sexual interaction with person(s) of any age that is (1) perpetrated against the victims will, (2) without full consent, including knowledge, understanding and choice, or (3) in an aggressive, exploitative, manipulative, or threatening manner (Langstrom, 1999). In accordance with such definitions sexual offences are defined in detail in National penal code. Many individuals who commit sexual offences fulfil the criteria for a sexual deviation or paraphilia (American Psychiatric Association, 1994; DSM-IV). Each paraphilia is characterised by an essentially repetitive nature, a preference for the use of a non-human object for sexual arousal, sexual activity with humans involving real or simulated suffering and humiliation, or sexual activity with non-consenting partners or those unable to consent. Sexual offenders ...

... own sexual gratification and this may be tied more firmly to a need for power and control (Kaufman et al, 1995). Females sex offenders, in the main, tend to display more emotional and behaviour problems whilst males tend to exhibit higher levels of impulsivity and violent sexual preoccupations.
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This essay provides good insights regarding male and female offenders and their general characteristics. Nice point of view presented by the writer.

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