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The problem is the tremendous breech in determining the issues related to nursing shortages and hindering the creation of a positive professional image. Often overlooked is the issue of horizontal violence which is the main focus of this investigation. In order to increase job retention, professional unity, and a positive professional image among the hospital nurses, the research study will not only examine the significant relationship between the proposed independent variables with horizontal violence, the frequency wherein professional nurses experience bullying at work, and the relationship between bullying and burnout but also explore and propose several strategies that will enable the healthcare leaders to effectively manage the problem of horizontal violence.

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Preview of the essay: OPPRESSION AND BULLYING

OPPRESSION AND BULLYING Freire (2003) utilizes the concept of teacher-student education relationship model to explain oppression and bullying. His banking concept of education sheds light on how one can understand the idea bullying among the nursing community. Oppression emerges when the others are projected to be ignorant hence negating the profession of nursing as one based on mutual exchange and up building. The oppressor nurses portrays themselves to the victims as ...

... pledging to retaliate with violence. The banking concept thrives on dominating the oppressed with an ideological intent of indoctrination in the name of adapting them to the oppression world. True humanists need not adopt this approach in the pursuits of freedom which negates the gains from a noble cause. An individual and society which exercises the banking concept is misguided, mistrusts people and attracts the specter of resentment (Reinhold, 1960)
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