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Improving Reading Ability (SQ3R Method)

Throughout the 24 hours used up with us each day, each proceed of ours could pilot to a problem as well as might require changeable degree of consideration. Whereas a number of problems could be worked out in a short moment in the course of easy negotiations, on the other hand, some may need a well-planned approach in addition to even substantial resources in resolving them.

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Improving Reading Ability (SQ3R Method) I had to look for away to improve my reading ability. I was introduced to a method known as SQ3R which stands for ...

... who was not lucky during my high school education, but I came to learn on how to improve my performance and became a good student who scored high marks. I was not born to get high grades; I developed skills to attain such grades.
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Benjamin I.

The SQ3R, though a bit traditional, is very effective in training a student's comprehension skill. It is likewise very effective in reviewing difficult materials. Nice write-up!

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