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Tragic Hero,Hamlet ,Shakespeare

What pleasure is offered in the suffering of the tragic hero? If an answer to the question ‘what pleasure is offered in seeing the suffering of a tragic hero’ has to be comprehensive, it becomes imperative that a student takes a bird’s eye view of the characteristics of a tragic hero.

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Table of contents

1. Characteristics of a tragic hero.
2. Hamlet as a tragic hero.
3. Elizabethan audience.
4. Modern judgement.
5. Conclusion.

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Who is a tragic hero? A tragic hero must be of noble birth, must have a tragic flaw, a reversal of fortunes must be brought about as a result of the hero’s error, and there must be recognition that the reversal was brought about on account of the hero’s error. Says Professor Dover Wilson ‘the hero contributes in some measure to the disaster in which he perishes’ ...

... do we watch the “Battle of Bulge”? Is it only to get pleasure out of the suffering of people? We have to don the cloak of a sixteenth century Elizabethan and enjoy the suffering of the tragic hero or miss the lyrical beauty of the play and the mastery of dramatic art.
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