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Parent Teenage Relationship

The main function of adolescence is all about understanding one self, hence the need for the society to be able to accord the young adults respect as they become their own person. As they become their own person.

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Parent Teenage Relationship From birth of a child, the relationship of a child to its parent is strong and the parents assume the role of care giver while the child seems helpless the parents become everything to them from advice facilitators to decision on what’s best for the young child. During puberty this trend takes a downhill trend. From the dependant children they used to be to rebellious ones, they usually tend to have their own opinion about life. Parents always don’t understand their children as they make their decision which seems to be always off the mark. Parents also make the mistake of viewing them as the ...

... with less emotional changes on the negative side of it. Each child in a family should be given his or her own pace of growth. It takes a big challenge for parents who have a big family whom tend to delegate duties of responsibilities to older children this becomes a problem to the young teen.
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