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Human Resource Management

Good human resource management practices in departments basically rely on set strategic initiatives which should be integrated when managing staff members for peak performance.

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Anteprima della tesi: Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Human resource management can be defined as an act of planning that helps in managing people with the goal of effective performance being realized in an organization. Through this careful planning the main intention is for the management to be able to exercise flexibility and a caring nature to its employees and in turn the employees should feel motivated hence being able to give the company their best in terms of out put, in productivity. ...

... the need of a company to be able to establish, a good human resource management front, in terms of initiatives and implementations. As in the case of riverside the work force doesn’t have a say, by the fact that most of them are part timers hence they lack basic work force rights, their pay is low, and their management system is not well coordinated. In fact most workers don’t know who the top managers are thus the need of an organization to have a well thought out and established information system. (Malik 1997),
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