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Corporate Social Responsibility

The importance for organisations to begin performing activities that might be considered as socially responsible has been discussed in the literature and has been a topic of academic study for many years.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Definitions of CSR 4
Developments of CSR 7
CSR Theories 9
CSR in Malaysia 12
Benefits of CSR 15
References 17

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Researchers have considered Howard Bowen’s 1953 text “Social Responsibilities of the Businessman” as the very first book ever to have touched on CSR in the modern era. However, despite more than fifty years of research that have been done on this topic, there is still no clear definition that has been given for it. Below are some the definitions of CSR that has been articulated over the years.

Davis (1973) has defined CSR as “the firm’s considerations of, and response to, issues beyond the narrow economic, technical and legal requirements of the firm to accomplish social benefits along with the traditional ...

... the company’s CSR objectives plus it also demonstrates that the company practices an open management style. Other benefits that were derived as a result in issuing CSR reports are such as it reflects the importance attached to CSR by the company, to align with the request of the government and lastly, it helps to demonstrate to stakeholders that non-financial issues are also equally important.
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