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My mother is exactly like Marge Simpson

All the characters of The Simpsons depict a symbolic personality of the supposed American society. The major characters of this TV show are the family of Simpson, which comprises of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie.

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My mother is exactly like Marge Simpson Introduction The cartoon show on television entitled; The Simpsons is among the most admired shows on TV and it has been for its 15 year of existence because of the shows of numerous exclusive characters. The show comprises of ...

... typically takes the problems of her family with good humor; her heavy work and consequential stress resulted in her psychological breakdown.
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Benjamin I.

Upon reading your essay, it created a smile in my face. If your mother looks like Marge Simpson, your father might likewise look as Bart and entertaining...

Princess R.

I also admire my mother more than you do. Let's celebrate Mother's Day all days and everyday....

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