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My Life Growing Up and Liking It

This was a paper due for PSY 202 to write about you life. It talks about what happened to me in my childhood days thru adulthood, the most fond thing you remember doing as a child and how you have matured to an adult

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Table of contents

I. Where are you from?
a. My country
b. Place of birth
c. My community
II. What are some of your favorite memories?
a. Grandparents
b. Cook Outs
c. High School days
III. Who were the important people in your life?
a. Grandmother
IV. Do you have your own family?
a. My kids
V. What are your greatest achievements for far?
a. Raising my kids as a single parent
b. To see the kids go to college
c. Overcoming parent pressure and rejection
d. Going back to school
e. To be happy with and about myself

Preview of the essay: My Life Growing Up and Liking It

Here I am writing a paper about “My Life Growing Up and Liking It”. This is my first time writing a paper so here goes. As you read my paper, you will get to understand some of my life experiences growing from a child thru adulthood using the adult development theories and life assessments learned in this class, also, the greatest achievements I have accomplished in life so far.
Looking back at my childhood days ...

... this as a grownup. Once that is understood, everything changes which means to have your kids grow up and become adults in your eyes and not asking others what you refuse for yourself. This experience has taught me a lot in creating life maps to set and fulfill my goals.
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Personal Reflections
Benjamin I.

A simple sample of biographical account. You have a clear and concise presentation. Your outline makes your essay a lot easier to follow.

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