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Management Problems of Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has opened for two years. However, in this short period of time, we can easily hear some news about the human resources management problems of this international amusement park through the mass media.

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Introduction Hong Kong is an international financial city in the world. There are lots of international companies choosing Hong Kong as the trial point or stepping stone for its expansion. No wonder, stepping stone is sounding the Asia market. But no matter whether the company sees Hong Kong as the trial point or not, they must have a well management level in order to expand their business or to maintain the profit. So in order to know what management is, we have to define the term “Management”. Management is the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiency, through and with other people. But it seems difficult to catch the real meaning. Based on our learning and knowledge from textbook, we can know that there are four basic management processes. They are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They are important to every organization no matter it is a large scale firm or a smaller one. They all need a well management to maintain the operation of the company. Let us try to think, if a company lacks of a faultless management level, how can it operate efficiently? There might be lots of problems coming out. And those ...

... being an stepping stone, this is another thing that we can’t control. It is because the Walt Disney Company planned to set up another Disneyland Resort in Shanghai two years later, where just thousand milos away from Hong Kong. So what is the use of setting up Hong Kong Disneyland Resort? Maybe you can say that it is the idea of Hong Kong Governement. But our group still think the final decision is made by the company. What are the reasons for setting up an “loss” theme park? We can see that how bad its idea is.
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Princess R.

I appreciate your sending an essay such as this one. I earned a lot from this essay. In particular it is an eyeopener, even big companies suffer certain problems in the process.

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