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Tsunami, the word is Japanese. It means “harbor wave”. A tsunami can be very unpredictable, but can be very dangerous and deadly. A tsunami is very swift, and has an awesome fury. It is caused by a force of nature out to sea. A tsunami has waves that have been known to have waves as 50 feet high. The water is suddenly displaced from the shallow end and surged in to the tsunami wave; therefore you are able to see the ocean floor. Then the wave hits with such force that it will destroy anything in its path, including people.

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Tsunami’s are describes a being a series of waves that are generated in a body of water that will vertically displace the water column. They can be caused by earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, explosions, and meteorites ...

... which the odds of another tsunami coming are miniscule. The ones that have built new homes are planting gardens in the backyard and flowerbeds in the front. They are trying to make these new homes as normal as possible, but without the deceased or lost family members there will never be a sense of normalcy.
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Benjamin I.

This essay has good tidbits about tsunami. It reminds me of what happened in Indonesia, years back. The impact was so tremendous. How I wish man could do something to minimize the adverse effects of forces of nature, but it can not be done. These catastrophes are inevitable.

Princess R.

The latest tsunami incident in Japan struck my heart as though it personally struck me as one victim of that disaster.

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