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Politics: Meaning, Approaches and Images

This paper presents introductory concepts about politics: its meaning, nature, approaches and other related concepts necessary for the understanding the intricacy of studying politics

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Table of contents

Politics Defined 1
Approaches to the Study of Politics 1
Images of Politics 2
Isms of Politics 3
Sources of Power 3
Is Politics All Too Dirty? 3

Preview of the essay: Politics: Meaning, Approaches and Images

Politics: Meaning, Approaches and Images Politics Defined On hearing the word politics, what usually springs to mind are images of government, politicians and their policies or more negatively the idea of corruption and dirty tricks. The actual definition seems to have been obscured and almost lost by such representations and clichés that tend not to pinpoint the true essence, which defines this thing, called politics. The word politics comes from the Greek word "polis", meaning the ...

... fair game in dirty politics. A candidate's mental stability may be challenged, especially if he or she offers up an emotional or overheated response to dirty politics. A negative ad campaign is not always the same as dirty politics, provided the charges in those ads are true and confirmable. Dirty politics often occur away from the scrutiny of the press; so many examples rarely come to light until years after the campaigns have ended.
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