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Differentiated Lesson Plan

This paper looks at Differentiated Lesson Plan whereby it reviews lessons plans in social studies of three students that is Alex’s, Pierre’s, Rosa’s, Bob’s, and Tao’s describing their Student strength and capability

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Differentiated Lesson Plan Contextual Information Elements of the learning experience Grade: 11 Subject Area: Social studies Topic for the Lesson: Student strength and capability Time period for learning experience: 80 minutes Learning outcome for the lesson: • Identification of the Students’ Strengths • Description of Learning Activities • Meeting Differentiated Criteria • Completing the Differentiation Matrix Students will be required to exhibit the ability to; • Practice through the use of a variety of skills and stratagem • Construe and communicate information • Solve problems and come up with viable decisions • Have a varied range of significant and creative thinking abilities and strategies which can be relevant to different situations. Description of Alex’s, Pierre’s, Rosa’s, Bob’s, and Tao’s Strengths Descriptions Alex The capability to follow directions without necessarily being reminded to do the same task is one the strength that Alex has. Within his school environment, he constantly reinforces hi strength in the skills that he has so far acquired. Rules ...

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