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Challenges Facing the Operation Management in Macdonald Industry

This paper addresses the challenges facing the operation management in MacDonald Industry in relation to the following issues: Globalization and the growth in international markets, Environment Management and issues relating to legal requirements, Social, or Ethical Responsibilities in their Operations, Technology such as Information Technology in the operations decision areas, Knowledge Management and its roll in Operations, Quality, Cost efficiency and competitiveness in Operations e.t.c

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Challenges Facing the Operation Management in Macdonald Industry Globalization and the growth in international markets Fowler and Pryke, (2003) have defined globalization as the process through which the people of the world are put together within a single society and work collectively. In most cases, globalization is used to refer to economic globalization which basically involves the incorporation of the national economies into international economy through foreign direct investment, the flow of capital, trade and the spread of technology. This kind of process is usually driven by the grouping of technological, economic, political and biological aspects. The expression can also refer to transnational diffusion of ideas, languages and some of the popular cultures (Fowler & Pryke, 2003) Globalization of markets can easily benefit both the rich and the poor alike. However, the amalgamation of the world economy is outpacing the growth and development of a healthy global policy. To be able to recognize the values as well as rules that are essential to a secure and just world, and to be able to make full benefits of global market available to various sectors of the economy, operation managers need to enhance global politics. Markets of International level offer ...

... other groups within the enterprise by the use of an established as well as repeatable process that is based on the success of the preliminary project. For and individual, measurement of skills provide a positive tool for personal as well as professional development. Unluckily, provision of employees with the required tools for measuring crucial skills does not warrant that the apparatus will be put into use. Communication amongst employees is essential in introducing the initiative, establishment of incentives, prevailing over objections, nurturing competition and most essentially, delivering of the resultant outcome.
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