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Coloring the Ivory Tower Green

This paper looks at strategies of going green by making the earth a better man’s place to live in. It starts by looking at the current environmental trends, the necessary measures to undertake to improve the situation of coloring the ivory tower green e.t.c

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Table of contents

Abstract 2
Current Trends 2
Cost Containment Strategies 3
Measures Undertaken by Universities 4
Green Student Services 6
Green University Hospitals 7
Green Plant Operations 9
Green Auxiliary Services 9
Conclusion 10

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Abstract The last few years have seen the threat posed by global warming to man’s survival being thrust to the forefront. Opinions are still varied as to whether the climatic changes taking place on a global scale can be attributed to human activity. While some people have adapted green initiatives for the sake of saving the planet, most people however have followed this suite due to the cost saving measures and the free publicity that comes with it. Energy costs for families and businesses have drastically reduced after switching to solar power or using energy saving bulbs. For those that use fully ...

... friendly measures for the sake of cutting costs in the case of companies or to get rewards like in the Columbia Recycle Bank Program has proved to more effective than the common rhetoric of global warming. The trend of pursuing green initiatives will continue well into the future as figures have shown that they are much more cost effective. Whether this will lead to the reversal of environmental degradation that man has caused over the years is an answer that only time will tell. (Savitz, 2006, p 97)
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