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John Stuart Mill- The Original Position

This essay looks at John Stuart Mill work on the original position. Miller was a British philosopher, in this essay he talks about the principles of justice

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John Stuart Mill- The Original Position John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher. He was very influential and a liberal thinker and like other famous philosophers, he can be categorized to belong to the social contract tradition. His social contract however is slightly different from that of previous thinkers. To be specific, Rawls comes up with what he claims are the principles of justice. This he argues is achieved by using a deliberately artificial device called the original position, in which every person decides principles of justice from behind the veil of ignorance. According to him, the veil is necessary for blinding people to all ...

... races. A moral racist on the other hand supports the rights for all races though they may prefer their own race. Hence racism is morally wrong. No person deserves unfair treatment in society because they are of a race that is seen as inferior by their oppressors. All individuals are entitled to their rights and everyone should recognize and support the same rights of life, independence and preservation for all races then they can expect the same recognition and support to be reciprocated.
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Benjamin I.

John Stuart Mill is a rare genius. His work on philosophy remains a legacy worth preserving. Stuart Mill as some biographer would suppose is a man of good heart, soul and mind.

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