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Business case for establishing cake company

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Preview of the essay: SWEET CAKE JOINT

1.0 BUSINESS PLAN 1.1 BUSINESS NAME The business name is to be entitled as Sweet Cake joint. The business will be profit oriented while maintaining high quality as the name goes by sweet and tasty, represents class, sophistication good and of high standards. The business will take any opportunity at its disposal to maximize profits and establish growth. “The cake experts” is the business slogan. 1.2 BUSINESS LOCATION AND ADRRESS. The business will by situated at the near city central business district (CBD) area i.e. at Accra Road, Victoria house ground floor. This location is suitable due to the activities taking place around the area which is a busy street and the Accra Road connects to one of the busiest and major street in the city i.e. the Tom Mboya Street. The area harbors many pedestrians, motorists and matatu for it happens to be a bus terminal for Buru Buru , Embakasi Fedha Estates bus stops. Thus due to the many people the area is a suitable location for possible customers. 1.3 FORMS OF OWNERSHIP Cake joint will be a sole proprietorship business hence decision making will be solely be made by the ...

... Sales = 3600780 = 1621.06% 222125 5.7.3 RETURN ON EQUITY Net profit after tax + Interest x 100 Owner’s equity 2,700585 x 100 = 2700.585% 100000 7. DESIRED FINANCING This is the amount of money you expect /want to have to start the business. Particulars Amounts (Kshs) Pre –operational costs 54800.00 Fixed assets 120000.00 Working capital 200000.00 Total 374800.00 5.8.1 DESIRED CAPITALIZATION These are the source of funds which will support start of business and as follows:- Source Amount (Ksh) - Personal saving 100,000.00 - Family 100000.00 - Friends 124,800.00 Banks 374800.00
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Princess R.

This is a business plan really. I recommend this paper for undergraduate students of Business Management or Commerce. It has parts typical to a business plan.

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