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Uninterruptible power supply

OBJECTIVE To design, construct and test uninterruptible power supply unit and to come up with a fast response circuit that will turn on the secondary power supply in one second in case of power failure in the main supply. AIMS (i) To offer solution to constant problem of power failure. (ii) To ensure that important electricity using appliances like there in hospitals remains ON even after power failure. (iii) To reduce over-dependence on main power. (iv) For partial fulfillment as per the Kenya National Examination Council award of Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) requirement

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CHAPTER ONE 1. INTRODUCTION Electricity has proved to be a very important resource in day to day life. Industries, homes, and offices used electricity for various purposes. The constant supply of power to the electricity using appliances is hampered by constant faults in the power systems. Generating stations do have the reserve capacity which supply electricity in case of generator’s failure. The reserves however do not help when the fault occurs at the final sub-circuit ( consumer’s premise). Uninterruptible power supply uses cheap electronic components like diodes, resistors transistors thyristion and comparator to offer solution to this problem. The circuit allows the supply of power to a variable d.c. load from two different sources one at a time. The two sources are; the main supply form the generating station and the secondary source that is the charged battery. Under normal condition main supply supplies the load and also charges the battery. Upon interruption of the main supply, the secondary supply turns ON and start supplying the load with power ...

... or increase the flow of load current hence keeping the load voltage constant. When the main power is off the battery is turned ON to supply the load through a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) which in this project is a switch. This makes the supply of power uninterruptible.
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If one wnats a real nice source of info regarding matters of energy and power supply, this is definitely a good piece. Nice work!

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