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Business case of african company with pure water bottling.

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Preview of the essay: TAKWEL PURE WATER BOTTLERS

Chapter one 1.0 Business description The business will be owned by Francis Kimani Wanjere. His home district is Nakuru and hails from Afraha sub location. He is single aged 20 years and his address number is 10130 Nakuru. He attended African Inland Church and Baharini Primary school for his nursery and primary education. From here he joined Menengai High School for his secondary education certificate examination he attained a mean grade of B Plain. In 2007, he joined the Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology for a Diploma courses in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Plant) as a matter of a lot of soul searching and belief that he belongs in the engineering world. The course will be for three year duration including five months attachment period to build his skills a technician in his area of study. The owner has operated a mitumba store for clothes, utensils and toys in year 2006 and also during his school holidays. He has also been involved in forming of investment group with like minded youths like himself. Also participating in organizing for the school annual cultural day enabled him to know and observe how to organize oneself and execute his plans. Mostly ...

... colours and information on how to contact the enterprise shall also feature.
There will also be promotion in terms of sports such as football and basketball tournaments organised in Nakuru and Nairobi areas as this usually attract large crowds especially young people.
This will in turn create awareness to the surrounding areas that Takwel pure water bottlers offers the best bottled water in the market and that is steam distilled water. There will also be after sale service such that orders placed by clients will be dropped at the clients doorstep.
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The water industry has become a huge industry in the past. This case study of a business establishment provides an example that water industry will continually to rise in the days to come wherever the location of the business may be.

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