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General Master’s Hardware

Business case of a company including Business description This chapter covers in detail the name, location address, form of ownership, goods and services offered, entry and growth strategies of the business. Marketing plan This is a statistical evidence for study of area for how the business intends to offer its goods and services. It identify its customers and competitors, the chapter also outline the pricing, selling, promotional and distribution strategies. Organizational plan Production and operation plan entails how the business will provide its good and services. It shows breakdown sheet of goods, materials, equipment and costs which will be incurred during initial opening process. Financial plan The financial plan is a fundamental plan showing the financial power to venture into the business. The chapter provide power of the fund , cash flow, proforma income, balance sheet, profitability ratio, desired financing and capitalizati9on sheets

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General Master’s Hardware is located at Embakasi road six blocks from Outering road round about, plot no. is 0725/P/03. the name General Master as stipulated on the business title means everything and by the name it gives assurance to the customers that every thing they need its present. Where as our motto as general master is that ‘ the customer is always right’.
Where as our pricing is affordable to all our customers.
The size of our business premises is 40x80ft.
The premises is a small go down. This gives an added advantage of the size by storing more stock size and by this whatever the customers need in terms of quantity will always be present and in quality. The goods to be accommodate will be steel good, different types of cement like blue triangle, all types of nails ...

... projection of spending overall organizational funds for the venture. Financial plan being the main key input production , distribution and development of business for prosperity and expansion through profit generate. If all essential measure are fully utilised the profit can be fully be realised.
The proposed venture is an investment worth 1.7 million where 1.5 million is personal saving while 200000 is a loan from equity bank. Which earns interest of 10% quarterly.
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