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Angemu fresh fruits enterprise

Business case study - New proposed business ANGEMU FRESH FRUITS ENTERPRISE. The major activities of the business will be selling fresh quality fruits.

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The major activities of the business will be selling fresh quality fruits. 2. THE OPPORTUNITY AND ENTRY STRATEGY The business will exploit the available opportunity since very few competitor are providing fruits. This was the major consideration the owner made before settling on this enterprise. Essentially no product should miss in the enterprise, and the employee should have good customer relationship. More branches will be opened with time and also imported fruits will be acquired in time. 3. THE TARGET MARKET The primary customer are the locals of Kabati Town. Others include schools and hospital around. These groups will be reached by ensuring that they acquire what they desire in the businesses. Transport will be provided free of charge for those who buy in large quantity. 1.4 THE COMPETIVE ADVANTAGE The competitors offering the proposed product are five ...

... business will have to comply with.
d) occupational health and system Act 0f 2007.
This act ensures that the workers are working under good conditions i.e. no mistreatment and ensures that they are safe at all times.
It is set to ensure that even incase of death or incapability resorting from accidents during employment they are compensated.
e) Public health certificate
The business will obtain a public health certificate from the ministry of health at Kabati dub-District hospitals at a fee of Ksh 500 after the ministry officials have been satisfied by the standards of the business.
The workers dealing with the fruits directly will also be required to get a medical certificate at a fee of ksh 150 after every one year.
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