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synchronized hydraulic Jacking system

The synchronized hydraulic Jacking system will take over from the manually operated jacking system to a powered one using hydraulic fluid to create pressure for raising and lowering the aircraft that is being jacked.

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The system will make use of power operated from the electric motor which will act as or serve as a ground power unit. This electric motor will be connected to the pump in the power pack trolley. The electric motor will contain socket switch power from the motor will be used to drive the pump in the power pack trolley which in turn pumps hydraulic fluid from reservoir which will be used for the jacking operation.

The entire connection of this system will be enclosed in a power pack trolley that will be pushed or pulled on the ground to the aircraft to be jacked in a hangar. This power pack trolley will contain such components as: reservoirs, check valves, pump, accumulator, unloading value (relief valve) and three selector valve of which all of this components will be connected by hydraulic lines.
These will be external hydraulic lines connecting the three selector valves to the cylinder piston that will be centered at the jacking points of an aircraft.

The height raised or lowered by the system will be determined by the selection made by the operator of the system and this movement will be same at all jacking points

... I complete my studies and get assistances from career oriented and well established firm. During initial conception and design of this synchronized jacking system. I have put time paving, simplicity safety, economy and efficiency as the most import ant aspects that my project seeks to satisfy. 2. RECOMMENDATION TO KCAA MANUFACTURER This project being my own proposed and thinking, if implemented, it will help to satisfy and reduce the problem of jacking aircrafts. It will be able to avoid structural damages caused due to strain and stress caused due to different rates of jacking and hence saves maintenance cost and time. It will also ensure that there is easy item in jacking this aircraft when carrying out maintenance work and that’s why I recommend this system having full support by the technicians and engineers in the field. Finally, because of cost limitation most of the materials used in this system will be locally assembled from readily available materials. I would even recommend further research to be carried out in order to identify the most suitable material to be used in the system with reference to structural integrity of the different materials. ----------------------- [pic]
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Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery
Princess R.

This is an interesting topic in physics which I cannot possibly forget. It reminds me of my professor who really knows how to get the interest of his students.

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