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The main aim of this project is to design a hydraulic jig for dismantling clutches. Once has a clutch has it defect must be dismantle for repair if not to be replaced by anew one. Unlike a mechanical jig, a hydraulic will be designed having a reservoir and a piston connected by horse pipes to ensure flow of fluid through it hence delivering the effort required as small as possible.

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A clutch is a device used to disengage and engage motion from the flywheel to gearbox where its later transmitted to dive via the propeller shaft. We have two types of clutches namely: Multiplate, and single clutches.

Since the introduction of motor vehicle, industry engineering have tried to device a cheap ways of dismantling clutches. For the past years mechanical jig have been in use where a lot of man power had to be incorporated inorder to produce the total required effort to press down the clutch fingers downward for dismantling, hand over had to be activated and efforts transformed to the pressing surface via lever mechanically where a lot of effort, instability a clutch and parts were had been experienced

But because technology is not static but, dynamic, the principle of hydraulic operations have stepped in and some components have been greatly improved which where hydraulic principles have succeeded ...

... are task of production. This has put more efforts on development and application on appropriate technology on our social economic system. These skills are readily available with minimizing production cast and providing cheap labour. Feasibility of projected design will improve the efficiency and operation of automobile working bending to income to the enterprise. Finally, this project will be an asset to any light once heavy vehicle inclusive despites the fact that production cost is slightly, higher, improvement on efficiency and stability will be adjusted to cover up the initial cost. The design will also improve the economy by exporting the manufacture of the design and ensuring that it is properly working with minimizing time and manpower. 4.7.0 RECOMMENDATION To the best of my knowledge, this project has been written to satisfactorily, theoretical, however, if more research and emphasis on manufacture will be kept, a better and more affordable design will be cheaper, easier to manufacture and operate and have efficiency among other factors. Hence more room will be kept for more suggestions and ideas to improve the design and however, will come with all these suggestions should be incorporated with the designer of the jig.
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Too hard to read and understand, it's technical I guess in strictest sense of the word.

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