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AIMS i. To design construct a device that will enable people to measure the light intensity in their vicinity so that they can take the corrective measure. ii. To construct a device which will helps the green hose employees to measure the light intensity in the house so that they can regulate it to a favourable level for the flower growth. iii. To construct a device which will assist the doctors as they regulate the most appropriate light intensity in the incubation rooms.

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1.101 INTRODUCTION Light is a form of energy that enables man and animals to see. It also enables the green plants to manufacture their own food through a process called photosynthesis. Light energy from sun is converted into vitamin D by the human skin which helps to strength the bones hence preventing the children from rickets. The various sources of light energy constitutes of the neutral and artificial sources. Under the natural category, we have the sun which shines on earth during the day as the earth rotates around it (sun) on its own axis, the moon which reflects the lights rays from the sun onto the earth at night, the starts on the sky which emits their own light energy only visible at night and the light from the glow worms fly. Under the artificial category, we have the electric light energy form the filament, fluorescent, mercury and sodium lamps; dry cell and secondary cell powered lamps, welding sparks and finally, the light energy fro kerosene and pressure lamps. However, we should appreciate for the positive contribution the light has made to the environment as we have seen, to enable man to perform his duties. This does not ...

... directly spotted by a sport light rays.
Accurate results can be obtained when the elements used are of the right rating and specification as arrived at in the calculations.
Analogue digital converter lc4 CA3162E was not at the market but instead 240/12V 0.5 A centre tapped transformer was employed.
The accuracy of the device can also be improved by using a larger light dependent resistor for increased surface for effective absorption of light. The device should also employ a display with three, seven segment display units for the segment display units for decimal numbers.
The variations can also be detected by connecting an analogue meter terminals at R11 and above C7. the deflection will be observed to vary with time.
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