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Cooling system is one of the importantly system in milk processing plant. This has lead to consumption of large quantities of cooling water and from gas R22 hence extra expensive. As a result, there is need to reduce this large waste of water which passes to the system once and then back to the environment ways have been found in which water can be added on the underground tank within the circulation system because same water can be used in the system hence reduce the cost.

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Modification of chiller cooling machine system at K.C.C Nakuru plant meant to solve a variety of problems namely:-
i) Low water cooling capacity by the chiller ,the existing chiller cools very little capacity of water thus limits the operation process of the plant.
ii)Power used is very high, there are many numbers of pumps in the existing
system thus consumes a lot of power.
iii)Work load of the system is very high this is because a pump has been installed inside the chiiller.
iv)There is large waste of water hence running cost are very high this is because cooling water passes through the machine only once and then back to the environment.

1.2.1General Objectives
i)To come up with the cooling system that is cheap and easy to operate.
ii)To come up with the system which ...

... he might not have exhausted all the parts but considerable part has been done. - The modified chiller is able to cool about 12500 litres of water compared to the former system which could only cool about 75000 litres of water. The modified system also consumes relatively low power. 4.4.2 Recommendation - It should be known that carrying on further research on water chiller system is allowed. - The designer therefore recommend on more research to pave way for 1. A system with automatic braking system to reducing pumping rate if need arise. b)A system with self lubricating system to all moving parts. - Also recommend that one can use 63mm threaded pipe medium duty with thickness 5.5mm instead of G1 and PVC pipes from the cooling tower to the chiller because this pipes are capable of operating up to 500C temperature.
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