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Broken Windows, Damaged Gutters and Police Supervision

This paper looks at what police reformers undergo through, it also looks at community policing and how it is overseen by community members, also looks at if police officers can embrace the model of supervision

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Broken Windows, Damaged Gutters and Police Supervision 1a) Primary obstacles police reformers face include the change in attitude that getting the numbers is everything and that is a pre-requisite to getting a promotion. This is in terms of the number of arrests made in numbers. The conservative method of policing places emphasis on working without consultation and involvement of the community. ...

... fear of patrol can also be cubed by the supervisors by instilling confidence to the police department through regular training and the incorporation of practices that are community friendly. This in return will enable them to in interact fully with the community y and solve the issue at hand without fear or any other uncertainties.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

The police force has been through public criticisms for the past years for their inefficiency and inability to perform their functions well. The suggestions and guidelines presented in this essay are very valuable.

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