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Ebola and the Cultural effects

This paper looks at Ebola and the Cultural effects associated with it and discusses about how the control of Ebola requires the incorporation of the values and cultural practices of the community facing the risk of morbidity and mortality, the culture will provide support for the scientific basis of control

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Ebola and the Cultural effects Introduction The existence of Ebola in the society assumes a cultural and scientific dimension, it is therefore necessary to study the effects of the way of life of a particular community and how it subsequently affects the control of Ebola. The characteristics of the virus that causes Ebola is an important concern in the study of the control methods for Ebola I The Importance of Anthropology in the control of Ebola A The influence of Political structures in the controlling Ebola 1. Existence of democratic structures thus ...

... propose the most effective ways of dealing with the crisis in relation to disease that occurs in the crisis zone.
Preston, R. The Hot Zone. New Yorker: Random House journal of 2005 42-98.
Preston looks at the various environmental conditions that enhance the development and propagation of the virus thus the hot zone for the virus. These areas termed as hot zones portray certain characteristics that make the Ebola virus thrive; this is not restricted to the natural environment but also the cultural environment.
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