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Physics: Breakthroughs and Challenges of the Present Century

This essay gives an enlightening discussion on the different breakthroughs and challenges that the field of physics face or will confront for the next few years.

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Preview of the essay: Physics: Breakthroughs and Challenges of the Present Century

Physics: Breakthroughs and Challenges of the Present Century Through the years, the field of physics as a distinct form of scientific form inquiry has fascinated inquisitive minds. What lies behind is indeed something to be anticipated. A year has ended and nature had unfolded some of its secrets for ...

... decades physicists searched for materials that could act as superconductors at these relatively high temperatures but to no avail. Then in the 1980s physicists discovered that ceramics could be used as high-temperature superconductors. This discovery created fervor in the superconducting research community and in the entire field of condensed-matter physics.
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Natural Sciences
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Benjamin I.

Impressive! Expressions are carefully crafted. A beautiful piece of writing.

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